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A sugar free is a substitute for sugar, it is added in the place of sugar to bring a sweet taste like sugar and at the same time provide lesser calories in comparison to sugar or other sugar sweeteners. The calorie provided is extremely low and thus makes it a zero-calorie sweetener.  

The FDA has approved six substitutes for sugar, these are high in intensity. They are namely:

  • Aspartame
  • Neotame
  • Sucralose
  • Acesulfame Potassium
  • Saccharin


The uses of sugar free are as follows:

  • It acts as a blessing for diabetic patients as it contains almost zero calories.
  • It is very useful for the people who are more concerned about fitness and a healthy lifestyle as the fact that it consists of zero calories, does not lead to weight gain.
  • The sugar free is ideal for cooking any sweet items.
  • It is suitable to use in baking cookies and cakes.
  • Sugar free is a blessing for beverage lovers, as they don’t have to compromise with the taste and calories. They get the as usual taste of the beverage but with low calories.
  • Sugar free is very heat stable. 


Sugar free is an artificial sweetener and is used by many health-conscious and diabetic peoples. In the Indian market sugar free is sold by many brands, some of the popular brands in the market are as follows:

  • Desire
  • Sugar free
  • Trucrose
  • Wipro
  • Zevic
  • Himalayan natives
  • Sugarlite

The sugar free is available in the market in the form of powder and pellets. The 300 pellets pack of Natura Low Calorie Sweetener is available for Rs180 and a pack of 500 pellets of Natura Low Calorie Sweetener is available for Rs260 in the market and retail stores.

The powder pack of Natura Low Calorie Sweetener 80g costs around Rs225 to Rs230 depending on the discount available and a pack of Gold Low Calorie Sweetener 100g costs around Rs135.

Natura Low Calorie Sweetener is also available in the drop form, a 10ml tube costs around Rs130.


Sugar free gold can be added to your tea, coffee, milk, cornflakes, homemade sweets. For making the dosage adequate you need to take 1 tablet in one cup of tea or coffee.


Diabetes or in medical terms Diabetes Mellitus (DM), is a disease that occurs due to high blood sugar levels for a long period of time. The person suffering from diabetes may witness symptoms like high frequency of urination and increase in thirst. In the long term diabetes can turn out to be into other complications such as chronic kidney disease, heart strokes, foot ulcers, cognitive impairment, and even nerves can get damaged. Two main reasons for diabetes are either the pancreas does not produce enough insulin required or the cells are not able to respond with the produced insulin.

Three types of diabetes are:

  1. Type 1 diabetes: In this type of diabetes the patient’s body is not able to produce enough insulin. The exact cause for the lesser amount of insulin production from the pancreas is still unknown.
  2. Type 2 diabetes: In this type of diabetes the patient’s body cells are not able to coordinate with the insulin produced. The exact cause for the lack of coordination is usually excessive gaining of weight in a short period of time and insufficient exercise.
  3. Gestational diabetes: this occurs when a pregnant lady all of a sudden gets diagnosed with a high level of blood sugar.

Almost 464 million people around the globe suffer from diabetes.


People suffering from diabetes are having high levels of blood sugars which can create severe results in the long run. Eating simple carbs on a day to day basis makes your blood sugar levels spike and here the complex carbs and sugar free come into role play, the sugar free is an artificial sweetener and is used to create a similar taste like sugar but with lesser calories per gram and without spiking the blood sugar levels. 

The sugar free being an artificial sweetener carries an even more sweet taste than the actual sugar but at the same time, it does not spike the blood sugar levels.


Ayurveda has always been known for its remedies to fight against various types of disorders and diseases. In the case of diabetes also Ayurveda has some proven formulas. These are as follows:

  • Giloy: Tinospora Cordifolia or Giloy is the medicine to become immortal. The plant helps in stabilizing the blood sugar levels and hence bringing them under control. Giloy not only helps in dealing with diabetes but also helps in boosting immunity and keeping the body safe and free from any kind of normal flu. Giloy helps in the easy regulation of glucose and insulin.
  • Vijaysar: Pterocarpus Marsupium or Vijaysar is a magical diabetes controller. It helps to reduce the bad cholesterol levels in the blood. It also helps in reducing down the symptoms of diabetes.
  • Gurmar: It is a hub of compounds such as flavonols and gurmarin which helps in reducing down the symptoms of diabetes. Taking a teaspoon of gurmar powder with water after a meal helps in reducing the spiking of blood sugar levels hence keeping things under control.
  • Sadabahar: You might have seen the plant in your home or in your college. The leaves of the plant are very much effective for type 2 diabetes. Chewing fresh leaves every morning helps to lower down the sugar levels in the blood. 


Sugar free artificial sweetener comes with tons of benefits but if using an artificial sweetener provides some health benefits then it does come with some side effects too. If you observe any of the side effects then inform your diabetes doctor, the doctor will completely examine you and will switch you over to some other alternatives. The major side effects observed in the consumers are as follows:

  • The daily consumers of sugar free were observed having depression in common. The result for depression is still unknown.
  • Sudden convulsions are noticed in long term users of sugar free.
  • Some diabetic patients who were sugar free observed anxiety attacks.
  • Deafness is observed in some patients who are using sugar free sweetener over 3 years.


We all love to consume sugar as the taste it spreads over our taste buds is awesome, and many people crave eating sugary items. Apart from serving your tongue, a sweet taste sugar is also used as a preservative, it is broadly used in many FMCG companies in order to increase the shelf life of the product and keep it fresh for longer durations.

Substitutes to sugar exist but what is the requirement for that? Sugar is produced from sugarcanes and every single gram of sugar delivers around 4 calories. Thus consuming a tablespoon could easily deliver you around 50 calories. So many people who are health conscious or fitness experts try to not consume sugar as it is not healthy in terms. But then what? What to add to food to get that sweet taste for the taste buds?

Here come the artificial sweeteners in role play. Some of the alternatives for sugar and artificial sweeteners are as follows:

  • MOLASSES: Molasses are made of sugar beets, after juicing them the juice is boiled at high temperatures in order to make the water boil and evaporate from the juice. As a result, the juice starts getting thick and forms a syrup. This syrup is then led into a chemical process known as crystallization. After getting crystalised the syrup yields sucrose and molasses. The molasses is almost 50% less sweet than actual sugar.
  • AGAVE SYRUP: The sap of an agave plant is extracted by crushing the core of the agave plant. The obtained agave juice is then further processed by an enzyme. Agave syrup is high in calories and 40% sweeter than sugar.
  • DATE SUGAR: It is made from the date palm. It is lower in calories than sugar.
  • COCONUT SUGAR: Coconut sugar is equal in content to sucrose and is almost the same in sweetness.
  • ASPARTAME: It is an artificial sweetener and almost zero calories are contained in it. Aspartame is almost 200 times sweeter than sucrose. 
  • STEVIA: It is obtained from the Stevia plant and is an artificial sweetener but it is more than 400 times sweeter than sucrose. 


Diabetic people must keep a track of their carb consumption, as their blood sugar levels are high so in order to maintain them, these patients need to cut a considerable amount of sugars and carbohydrates from their diets and lower it down to a very moderate level as allowed by their condition. Here are few tips to keep track of their carb consumption:

  • Choosing complex carbs over simple carbs: People suffering from diabetes must make a wise decision by choosing complex carbs over simple carbs. Complex carbs are slow-digesting carbs, when a person intake food that contains complex carbs then these carbs get slowly digested in the body and do not spike blood sugar levels. While consumption of food that contains simple carbs immediately spikes the blood sugar levels. Foods like brown rice, brown bread, chickpeas, and groundnuts are some examples of complex carbs.
  • Try to eat a lesser amount of salts in your food. Higher amount of salt in your food results in higher amounts of high blood pressure. High blood pressure may result in heart strokes while people having diabetes must limit their salt intake very sharply.

Six grams of salt is the max you can take for the entire day.  

  • Eating less meat: Meats like bacon and lamb are under the category of red meat. Consuming a high amount of red meats results in many heart-related problems. You can include other sources of proteins other than red meats such as pulses, eggs, fish, and poultry chicken. 
  • Try to add more fruits and vegetables to your diet plan. This will help to fulfill all the vitamins and minerals deficiency. 
  • Try to cut down on your bad habits like smoking and alcohol intake. Alcohol intake can make your condition more vulnerable and the risk of heart strokes.
  • Snacks like flax seeds, almonds, walnuts, cashews, peanuts, and pistachios when added to the diet provide the body with all healthy fats.  
  • Exercising: Adding a group of compound movements to your daily workout routine will help you to burn fat and also keep your sugar levels neutralized.  


  1. Hi, I am Tapesh from Haldwani, I am a fitness expert and I must tell all people that if you want to lower down your extra calories than you need to lower down your simple carbs intake and for lowering that first thing which you could simply do is to lower the amount of sugary food that you consume. This food contains a lot of simple sugar that is sucrose which spikes the blood levels and makes you gain extra weight.
  2. I am Chandrashekeran from Tamil Nadu, I was having high blood sugar levels and on my doctor’s prescription, I started taking sugar free. After taking it for a month my reports were still normal and I was surprised because I do not have to compromise with the sweet taste and now I can enjoy my tea with sugar in it.
  3. I am Rita and I must tell everyone that before trying or deciding to move over sugar free do notice if you are experiencing something different as it causes few side effects too. My husband suffered from anxiety attacks.
  4. Sugar free changed my life. Now I can add two of the pellets into a cup of tea and can enjoy my morning tea. I don’t have to compromise with the taste now and can freely eat my sweet food.
  5. If you can’t compromise with the sweet taste then I recommend you use sugar free, but if you can leave all sweet stuff then there is no need for you to take sugar free.


I am diabetic for 4 years and I try a lot to control my sugar intake but am unable to manage it. Can I use sugar free? Will it help? Which is the best sugar free sweetener?

Yes you can use sugar free to take control over high sugar levels and it will definitely help to improve your condition. There are a lot many brands available in the market so you can find the appropriate one for yourself.

I have been trying sugar free for three months but I have not seen any significant reduction in the blood sugar levels. The reports are similar to the time when I was taking a normal diet without sugar free

The sugar free is a remarkable alternative for sugar and helps in lowering down blood sugar levels to a significant amount. I would highly suggest you keep track of your carb intake as I believe you are taking a higher amount of simple carbs which are raising up your blood sugar levels.

Can I take sugar free in the drop form? Which is highly effective?

Yes you can use sugar free in liquid form also like the efficiency of the medicine remains the same in lowering the blood sugar levels irrespective of the form, whether it be the liquid form or solid form, or powdered one.

I am a fitness lover and I love to stay fit and eat healthy food. Can I take sugar free to avoid extra calories that come from sugars?

Yes, you can use sugar free as it will help you to get the same sweet taste but will lower the amounts of calories consumed

I have a problem with high blood pressure, will sugar free help me in getting some relief?

Sugar free will not create any direct impact but it will help in lowering the blood sugar levels as it does not provide simpler carbs to the body.

Can I try something more natural than such chemical products? Will it work in reducing the higher levels of sugar in my bloodstream?

If you want to try something more natural then you can move on to Ayurveda as it does not cause you any harm and will in return give you tons of benefits. Try using Giloy. It is a magical plant and has many health benefits. Giving it a shot is not a bad choice.

Can I lower my high levels of sugar by merely eating complex carbs? Do I really need to add sugar free in my diet?

Yes, merely by eating complex carbs you can control your levels of sugar in the bloodstream and the visible results can be seen after one month of following the diet plan.
Adding sugar free to the diet is a complete matter of choice. It won’t help you much as it is not a medicine, it is an artificial sweetener that is used with a motive to get sweet taste without compromising with health.

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