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Karela is also famously known as bitter melon. It has huge characteristics and functions. Yes, it might be bitter but has the goodness of properties like magnesium, vitamins, iron, potassium. Kerala has anti-diabetic properties in it which act like insulin to cure diabetes. The insulin-like substances are also known as polypeptides or p-insulin. Apart from the antidiabetics properties like Momordica charantia is a very well known compound that helps in the decrease of blood sugar. An ayurvedic practitioner usually defines karela juice as an anti-diabetic medicine. Other than that, practitioners of Chinese and ancient culture also use bitter gourd as medicine. Call it bitter or bad but can’t ignore this vegetable for its significance and health benefits, despite all taunts and tantrums, still, karela tried to maintain its place as an unavoidable vegetable in an Indian house.

Other than that karela has also good health over ages, it is used in different medicines to cure different diseases- skin conditions, fever, burns, chronic coughs, measles pox etc. Bitter gourd can be eaten in many other forms such as in the form of juice, capsules, and vegetables. With this, it also has some good windfalls and demerits which we will examine further in the article. Generally, this is very much popular in the form of karela juice for curing diabetes.


Karela juice is a drink or a beverage made up of purely karela and water. It is very much beneficial for health issues. The drink is green and tastes very bitter. It is mostly taken for diabetes and curing skin conditions. Nowadays it is available in the market, sold by different companies and manufacturers and is high in demand.


Apart from diabetes and skin conditions. It also has some good use of karela juice and is also used in ayurvedic medicine.

  • It helps in reducing blood sugar- also known as diabetes. Karela combats blood sugar for some components like –P-insulin, charantin and vicine. It acts like insulin. The research found that bitter gourd can minimize blood sugar levels in 30 minutes. It has an antidiabetic component named charantin. Ayurveda is prescribed to drink karela juice every morning for diabetes patients.
  • Good in cholesterol- its vital properties also help in cholesterol of the body. It improves the good cholesterol(HDL) and lessens the bad cholesterol (LDL) LOW-density lipoprotein. It is also rich in iron which is effective as an immunity gainer and heart purifier.
  • Very beneficial in weight loss- some reset study, it is very much effective at times of weight loss. As it makes the stomach fuller for a long period. It is very high in fibre and hydrating, with low calories. Which is effective in weight loss and reducing belly fat.
  • Good for winter- In winter karela is intaken for boosting immune and in constipation and other issues which are mostly seen in the winter
  • Good for healthy skin- Karela has its rich antioxidants –vitamins c  and vitamin B1, B2, B3, B9 and provitamins and iron which help the skin to glow and heal from acne and pimples. It is also used to cure infections on skins like psoriasis, eczema etc. And is also good in wound healing. It is advised to apply karela juice on the skin before stepping out to protect from heat dust and UV rays.
  • It is also used in cancer treatment as the antioxidants present in it helps in various cancer and chronic diseases.
  • Acts as a blood purifier- The most common use of karela is as a blood purifier and blood circulation in the body as well as removing toxins for its antimicrobial and antioxidant properties.

These are some benefits of karela juice. Which will make you fall for this drink.


Nevertheless, this is just a natural juice, with no combination of flavours and chemicals. But it may have some reactions which can be harmful to your body. Most populations consume it in a vast quantity that may have adverse effects.

  • Chances of causing anaemia 
  • If it is taken with insulin it might be harmful and severe as there are high chances of decreasing blood sugar levels.
  • Vomiting, stomach pains, stomach disorder.
  • Very unusual but possibilities of liver damage 
  • Pregnant women are not allowed to have because it may cause abortion or heavy vaginal bleeding 


To know how to make karela juice, here are a few steps which make the juice easy to prepare.

  • 2 small-medium size karela 
  • 2 tablespoon lemon
  • 1 tbsp jaggery/honey/ginger(anything which you prefer)
  • Peel off the karela and cut them into halves
  • Peel of the seeds and the flesh
  • Cut them very pricey
  • Now add the karela into a juicer with a pinch of salt and lemon juice ]blend it nicely with some water
  • Now add some jaggery or honey or apple juice. Avoid sugar.


Karela is also available in the market in the form of Jamun karela juice. Which is high on demand and also sold by many ayurvedic manufacturers in a refined form.

Some very famous brands which sold  karela Jamun drinks, and are safe are 

  • Sir Sri karela Jamun juice 
  • Baidyanath karela Jamun juice.
  • Dabur Jamun neem karela juice –litre 200 ₹
  • Zandu karela Jamun health 1 litre 210₹


Here, is one of the best ayurvedic brands- Sri Sri karela Jamun juice 

It is an ayurvedic medicine. It says that it has ample health benefits –rich in phytonutrients, vitamins, minerals, antioxidants.it has a polygenic substance called carnitine which is good for blood sugar levels as it increases the absorption of glucose. Jamun is a source of vitamins A and vitamin C same as karela. The juice has good properties for digestion, anti-ageing, blood sugar, skin condition etc.

1.Some advantages are :

Here are some benefits of karela Jamun juice by Sri Sri Tatwa

  • Helps in digestion of food 
  • Stimulate pancreas, digestive system of the body and liver functioning.
  • Help in blood sugar 

2.The elements used are :

  • Dry ginger 
  • Shatavari
  • Ashwagandha 
  • Citric acid 
  • Neem
  • Baheda
  • Amla
  • Jamun 
  • Karela
  • Water
  • Gloy
  • Methi
  • Dry ginger 
  • Ambehaldi
  • bael

Ingredients composition 

Total Fat 0%


SODIUM 1.11%




VITAMIN a 0.12%

Calcium 0.50%

Vitamin C 1.32%


There can be minor changes in colour and taste. These are the ingredients chart, which is all herbal and plant-based ingredients. Which are rich in antioxidants etc.No added sugar.No no synthetic minerals and vitamins.

  1. How to use it ?

    Use the juice with 100 ml of water and mix it with 30 ml of karela juice. You can also have it normally without any mixture. To get relevant karela juice benefits

  1. The price and place to store
    It is available on Amazon, Flipkart and also on the Sri Sri official site at the price of

    Rs150 500ml(karela Jamun juice_food supplement)
    100 ml for ₹280
    Use It In 30 days after opening
    Shake it before use.


This is a renowned brand of Ayurveda properties. The brand incorporates a strong hand towards the art of living foundations, rural and social welfare. Mr Arvind varchaswi the founding father of Sri Sri says that this is a flagship of the quality of Ayurveda all over the world including India. Sri Sri Tatwa is a verified manufacturer of Ayush medicine. The products here are processed in a very hygienic and cleaned condition. This brand is dedicated to spiritual leader Pt. Sri Ravi Shankar. The products here are 100% vegan and cruelty-free. If you expect to add a good supplement to your diabetes diet chart. Get on with it.


My dad is diabetic and he has karela Jamun juice everyday morning as well as evening and Sri Sri is his favourite brand. he says that he likes the flavour of this brand the most and feels that this is the most natural product. he has tried other brands too but keeps coming back to Sri only.

Richa Shailendra Amazon.

Not pure. has several other ingredients as well besides karela and Jamun and is therefore misleading. has preservatives as well. Found kalivas one available on amazon. poor packaging and bottles are like one used for cheap acid-based toilet cleaners.


It is an excellent product. I have been using this for the past three years and have been benefited from this. However, I bought this item online for the first time through Amazon.it has been delivered to me much before the promised delivery date.

Amazon customer, amazon.

Whatever anyone says I am trying various liquids and powders this one has been brought by me and my brother blood sugar within control limits.it works believe,e 

Rajeev Joshi. amazon


Baidyanath karela Jamun juice is enhanced with the goodness of karela and jamun as well as many other oxidants. Which helps in keeping the blood sugar level normal. It is mainly used to reduce the blood sugar level, despite it has many other benefits as well as being used in battling other diseases too. Jamun and karela as a team help in overcoming dysentery, diarrhoea, indigestion. It is a beneficial natural tonic for maintaining the sugar level as it stimulates the pancreas and regulates the blood sugar level. Badhiyanath is a good and trustworthy brand to rely on. Before giving it a thought consult a doctor.

  1. Benefits
    Here are some windfalls of baidyanath karela juice 
    • Helps to maintain the blood sugar level – Both the ingredients together make a great club to combat blood sugar levels. Karela itself is very effective but when incorporated with Jamun also helps in eliminating all the toxins from the body and purifying blood. It also increases fluid and sodium retention, which lower the blood sugar level.
    • Vitamins and minerals- The baidyanath karela Jamun juice is very rich in vitamins and minerals for the natural goodness of karela and Jamun in it. This tonic contains vitamin c, potassium magnesium, dietary fibre(which has twice the calcium in spinach) and more other key ingredients which are beneficial for glowing nourishing skin, acne and pimples.
    • Digestive system – it combats all the toxins present in the body and maintains the digestive system working smoothly. The tonic also helps in battling stomach infections, dysentery, diarrhoea, constipation and ease bowel movement.
    • Acts as an appetizer

    There are no fallouts found yet, for further explanation discussed with a doctor before intaking the juice. And can also be given to pregnant women or a mother who is breastfeeding.
    Acts as an appetizer.

  2. Nutrition ingredients
    Protein 0.08 g
    Calories 5.42 lca;
    Total fat 0g
    Dietary fibre 0 grams
    Total carbohydrates 1.26grams
    Sugar 0 grams
    Cholesterol 0 grams
    Potassium 22.41 mg
    Calcium 2.49 mg
    Karela juice 66.6%
    Jamun juice 33.3%

    It is purely a vegan product made from ayurvedic herbs and safe to consume. The colour may vary due to seasonal variations of the fruit and vegetable. but won’t let the purity and quality let down. permitted class ii preservative

  1. How to drink 
  • Have 30 ml of baidyanath karela Jamun juice 
  • You can mix it with water.
  • You can also consume it twice a day, before a meal.
  1. Price

    It is easily  available on Amazon, my 10, Flipkart or an official site of baidyanath, pharmacy


 6.Review of the karela juice 

I started taking this product when my HbA1C was 11.8, about 4-5 months back. Now my blood sugar is in complete control withHbA1C down by 5.6.take this regularly on an empty stomach every morning.

Kiran BS amazon 

I have been a diabetic for 13m years. I have relied on this juice and it helped me a lot. I have seen a decrease in my blood sugar levels. My last HBA1c results were down to 6.4 which is well under control. I have been using the product for the last 6 months. It is very satisfying.

Tilok amazon.

My mom, who had a sugar level as high as 440, is now only 90-110 after regular consumption. No insulin, nothing.

Shardha jha amazon

Best for diabetes people and those who want a natural blood purifier. they taste good but it’s nothing like mango shake and orange shake or organic blast.it is quite bitter but does not taste synthetic or acidic. and does good in keeping the blood sugar levels low. tastes and acts much better than the allopathic medicine which is prescribed to most diabetics. So yes you should give it a try and decide for yourself.

Pranjali Srivastava amazon.

  1. Baidyanath as brand
    Baidyanath is a pharmaceutical brand in ayurvedic medicine. The founder of baidyanath is Pt Ram Narayan Sharma and pt Ram Dayal Joshi. The brand manufactures worldwide. With 100 years of experience, they combine Ayurveda with intended scientific research to bring out the best impactful remedies for your health.
  2. Information and concern 
  • Should a pregnant lady or a lady who is breastfeeding can intake?

    Ans: In case a woman is breastfeeding pregnant should consult a doctor. As the bitter ground can affect the endocrine system in the body, which can reflect hormones as well as in reproduction and is not safe for children.

  • What does karela juice do?

    Ans: Karela juice helps in diabetes, reducing the chances of strokes, purifying the blood and removing toxins from the body etc.

  • Can we drink it at night?

    Ans: It is said to drink two times A day, before meals.it won’t be a matter of concern if it is taken at night.

  • Karela and ayurvedic relation?

    Ans: Avyerda describes karela as titta or bitter, with a hot potency and extremely dry qualities. Ayurveda pronounces it as tridosha, which means it can fight all the imbalances related to –Vata, pitta and Kapha dosha.


Karela juice, the name itself is what we are not at all fond of. But remember, our grandmothers and mothers lectured you about the benefits and goodness of karela at times of your hairs, skin and so on when you were small. Well, they were right in many ways. Karela is so found to the people who are self-conscious about their health and who are not found, are diagnosed and surely do it. Karela juice is often taken by people who are diabetics. Apart from it, it has immense properties. This article is all about how karela is helpful for our body. In this era, there are so many ayurvedic companies launching karela juice with some other beneficial fruits or plants just like –Sri and Baidyanath. They are safe and good to drink. If you are suffering from diabetes and want to get well soon then forget to please your taste buds for a while.

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