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Diabetes can be countered through various treatment options that go beyond relying on natural ingredients and Ayurvedic principles. However, many people forget about the effectiveness of natural ingredients in bringing back the balance that your body needs to function well again. Karela Jamun juice is one of the best natural recipes to help you recover in your diabetes journey and maintain that balance. Keep reading this article to know how it can help you!


Diabetes is a disorder that is a product of the glucose in your blood being too high. The food you eat determines the source of your energy found in your blood glucose; however, if your body cannot produce enough insulin, it causes the glucose to be disabled from reaching your cells that need it to work on your body’s health.


Karela is also known as bitter gourd. It is popularly known for its all-rounded benefits for your body and skin. However, it is well regarded as a natural insulin booster. 

Jamun is an Indian berry. It is considered a natural healer. When it is mixed with bitter gourd and made based on Ayurvedic principles of natural healing, it can help the bitter gourd juice to accelerate further the working of the benefits of Karela in the healing process.


There are quite a few benefits in the list of Karela Jamun juice benefits. Here are some of the best ones:

  1. The mixture of the Karela Jamun juice is highly effective in controlling your blood glucose levels.
  2. The karela present in this juice helps in increasing the production of insulin in your body.
  3. This Jamun karela juice helps reduce the extremities in the fluctuation of your blood sugar levels and helps regulate it. It makes sure that the glucose levels do not fluctuate from one extreme end to another.
  4. It has the properties of gurmarin, which helps in removing your craving for more sugar as well. This will prevent you from increasing your sugar intake and making your diabetes harder to control.
  5. The Jamun present in this juice helps in sugar’s conversion into starch. This aids the metabolism process largely.
  6. This helps individuals who are on the verge of developing diabetes as well as people who have Type 1 or Type 2 diabetes.
  7. Besides its benefits for a diabetic person, it also makes sure your skin and hair are healthy, reduces blood cholesterol, cleanses your liver and kidney, as well as causes some weight loss.


There are no karela Jamun juice side effects with proper dosage monitoring. However, if excess of this juice is taken, it can subject you to many health issues such as:

  1. Diarrhea: it can induce intestinal issues where vomiting becomes a common variable in your daily routine
  2. Blood sugar levels can be dangerously lowered.
  3. You can become prone to anemia if you do not have the juice in the required dosage for your body.
  4. Mixing it with other medications can create a series of different reactions based on the type of medication you are having.
  5. Liver damage is a possibility that you should be worried about. 
  6. Vaginal bleeding and uterus contractions can also take place if excess of the karela Jamun juice dosage is taken.


It has become evidently important to know exactly how much of this Karela Jamun juice you should be ingesting. Here are some instructions you should follow:

  1. Drinking karela Jamun juice on a daily basis is a personal choice; however, consult your doctor as he would know the dosage required for your diabetic make-up.
  2. Consume it after it has been freshly prepared only.
  3. You can take a glass of Karela Jamun juice in the morning or soon after lunch.
  4. Do not delay the consumption of this juice past sunset.
  5. The addition of any natural ingredients should be consulted with your doctor.


Here are some reviews of the juice that you can purchase online as well.

“I started taking this when my HbA1C was 11.8, about 4-5 months back. Now my blood sugar is in complete control, with HbA1C down to 5.6 !! Take this regularly on an empty stomach in the morning.” Kiran, Amazon

“Being a diabetic for 13 years, I have relied on this juice, and it helped me a lot. I have seen a good decrease in my blood sugar levels. My last HBA1c results were down to 6.4, which is well under control. I have been using the product for the last six months. Very satisfied.” Tilok, Amazon

“My mom, who was having her sugar level as high as 440, is now only 90-110 after regular consumption, no insulin, nothing!” Sharda, Amazon


Diabetes is a health issue that increases your blood levels significantly to a life-threatening point. It requires adequate attention to deal with, despite the lifestyles we lead in this day and age. A natural remedy that you can consider is Karela Jamun juice which controls insulin production, boosts metabolism, protects your pancreas, and improves your overall health. It is a highly potent drink that you can have on the advice of your doctor!

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