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Ayurveda has been significantly used to cure many chronic diseases like diabetes, asthma, cancer, etc by naturally treating the problems. Diabetes is a chronic disease that is increasing day by day. People of all ages are equally prone to be infected with the disease.

Ayurvedic remedies like vijaysar, methi dana, and gurmar help immensely in dealing with the disease. Do you love vineyards filled with woody vines? Well, if you are thinking of some tasty wines being manufactured with the help of those vines then you are wrong! We have an interesting ayurvedic herb – gurmar growing in the wines. Let’s know all about it.


Gurmar is a climbing plant having woody vines. It is mostly found in tropical regions like India, Africa, and Australia. The plant has elongated leaves where most of the benefits lie. The flowers of the plants are very small and yellow, and more than 20 of them grow together in a bunch. 

In the Indian subcontinent, gurmar is known by various names. Different regions have given the herb distinctive names. The herb consists of powerful chemical properties that help maintain our health. Some of the components are gymnemic acids A, B, C, D along with other components in lesser amounts like 

  • Angelic Acid
  • Ferulic
  • Glucuronic Acid and,
  • Galacturonic Acid.

These components make the herb to be liver-protector, a laxative, reduces sugar cravings, anti-obesity, anti-diabetic, anti-microbial and helps in promoting digestion as well. The distinctive qualities of the herb make it a trusted and effective remedy.


As we know that gurmar is specifically beneficial in curing diabetes, we can understand the hidden meaning in its name too. ‘Gur’ means jaggery which can be associated with something sweet or sugar. Then ‘mar’ means to die in Hindi. So, the name itself represents its efficiency in killing sugar from the body. 

So, when it is mentioned in the name, we can hardly question the ability of gurmar to treat diabetes. However, as we believe in the ‘don’t judge a book by its cover’ philosophy, we will tell you about the mechanisms of its effect and then we can decide its effectiveness.

Gurmar for diabetes acts as an effective anti-diabetic supplement that helps in regulating blood sugar. Problems of diabetes arise when the blood sugar goes out of hand and the normal production of insulin in the body is not capable of fighting the sugar flow. Gudmar helps in promoting the insulin response to the sugar entering the body and reduces the need for oral medication used for insulin.

Gudmar not only helps in promoting insulin production but also affects the intestine to lower its sugar absorption to control the blood sugar levels. Generally, it is very difficult for diabetic patients to stay hungry for long or fast for a whole day. Gurmar helps in reducing the effects of diabetes and allows the patient to fast or be hungry whenever required.

The ayurvedic herb helps in repairing the damaged cells of the pancreas and helps in promoting natural insulin secretion from the pancreas and fight the sugar cells.


After knowing about the effectiveness of the herb, our next immediate question is ‘ how to use gurmar for diabetes?’ Gurmar is available to us in the form of churna, capsules, and tablets. Consuming the prescribed dosage by the doctor is the best way to consume the herb. However, we can also follow the instructions mentioned at the back of the bottle and use the medicine.

Typically, the dosage must be taken in little amounts, twice a day for positive and effective results.


Apart from controlling and curing diabetes, gurmar benefits the body in several different ways like:

  • Promotes Liver Health
    The herb acts as a supplement and a powerful tonic to protect the health of the liver. The Rasayana helps in regenerating and repairing the cells and reduces the symptoms of liver illness. It also strengthens the liver to fight against any disease or illness.
  • Strengthens Heart Health
    The ayurvedic properties of gurmar help in fighting bad cholesterol and fats in the body, safeguarding us from heart-related diseases. Gurmar keeps the development of plague in the arteries at bay and lowers the risk of stroke and cholesterol.
  • Helps with Weight Loss
    As we know, gurmar helps in burning fat, which is the main cause of excess weight. It has been proven that gurmar has anti-obesity properties and helps us in regulating a healthy weight. The herb fights with bad fats and does not allow them to store in the body. Also, the herb is capable of managing weight with the help of the nervous system and reduces stress and sleep problems as well.
  • Rich in Antioxidants
    Gurmar is rich in antioxidants and helps in fighting the toxins produced from the oxidizing healthy cells in the body. The chemical components of gurmar help in reducing inflammation and reduces the risk of chronic diseases.
  • Affects the Nervous System
    As we already know, gurmar takes the help of the nervous system to regulate healthy weight in the body. The ability of gurmar to affect the nervous system speaks greatly about the effectiveness and powerfulness of the herb.

    Gurmar helps in strengthening the immune system, benefitting the overall health of the body. The herb helps in fighting the foreign particles entering the body and maintains health of the body.

  • Reduces Sugar Cravings
    Though sugar is delightful to taste and people love to devour sugary or sweet food items. However, they are not good for your health. It has been proven that excessive sugar intake can cause serious problems in the body.

So, gurmar helps in channelizing and reducing our sugar cravings, naturally helping us to avoid its intake. We all know how tough it is to leave or reduce sugar intake on our own. So, this herb helps in curbing our taste naturally and benefits us.


Ayurvedic medicines or Rasayana have to be consumed in a limited or prescribed amount only. We know that Ayurveda works and benefits us by balancing the doshas of the body. Any kind of overdosage, intentional or not, creates an imbalance of doshas in the body and aggravates the situation.

It can lower down blood pressure which can further cause dizziness, headache, nausea, light-headedness, and weakness in the body.


Diabetes has become a universal disease and it has become somewhat difficult to be secured from its traps. Any amount of over-consumption of sugar can make the situation worse and make us a host of chronic diseases that will probably stay with us life long.

Ayurveda helps in treating such a disease naturally and curbs all its symptoms and causes, making it similar to the extraction of the disease only. Gurmar is one such Ayurvedic Rasayana that helps the body in dealing effectively with diabetes and hardly causes any side effects in the body. 

But the choice of medication lies in the hands of the patient. Some might prefer homeopathy, some may prefer allopathy while some might be a fan of Ayurveda. So it depends upon your choice and the doctor’s advice to select an ideal medicinal route for the disease.

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