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Diabetes is a major health care challenge in India, rising at a very rapid pace. Almost 73 million people in India live with diabetes and pre-diabetes. But have you ever thought you could get freedom from diabetes? We know you might be thinking, how can diabetes ever be reversed? After all, that’s what we have been told, right? We have always seen that once we get diabetes, it never leaves, and we keep on taking medicines for a lifetime. But this is the biggest myth – that diabetes can not be reversed.

If you are a diabetic patient, you are just at the right place. We will tell you how you can get rid of your diabetes permanently. Just keep reading on. 


Diabetes is a dietary disease and super related to your lifestyle. Insulin is released in the bloodstream by the pancreas and is supposed to bring glucose to your body cells. But in type 2 diabetes, cells of the body don’t respond to insulin. That’s called insulin resistance. Then, as a result, the person will end up with really high blood sugar or glucose level in the blood. 

Abdominal fat is one of the main symptoms of Type-2 diabetes because cells are not absorbing the glucose, and it keeps getting stored in the abdomen. It is also one of the primary causes of insulin resistance. If a person has too much abdominal fat, their pancreas has a hard time releasing insulin, and they develop insulin resistance. 


By definition, diabetic remission is reducing or eliminating glucose-lowering medications, that is, maintaining blood glucose levels without the minimal use of medicines. Doctors first check if you are a pre-diabetes person or your levels are below the threshold of a diabetes diagnosis. They will see if you can maintain your blood sugar without diabetic medications and plan for your diabetes reversal accordingly. 

People are able to achieve the level even with the basic lifestyle coaching they get from their doctors. Statistically speaking, only 0.5-2% of people follow that, but they are highly motivated individuals. Family support is also critical in successful FFD


The day you got diagnosed with diabetes, there has been a countdown running in your life. This is a countdown to heart disease, stroke, amputation, kidney failure and blindness. If we keep hosting diabetes as a guest in our body, it will surely steal the light from our eyes, strength from our legs and peace of our mind. 

Foot ulceration affects 15-25% of diabetic patients in their lifetime. Almost 40,000 diabetics are forced to amputate their limbs every year in India. Thus, taking action on time can reverse diabetes and its complications. 

Today, thousands of people have reversed their diabetes through a proper diabetes reversal plan. Think about it – if your diabetes is cured right now, then you will never need to keep visiting a doctor every week and waste money on medicines again. If there’s any excess weight, it will automatically come down. Your energy levels will go up significantly. The fear sitting at the back of your mind related to diabetes will vanish. 


If you want to know how to get rid of diabetes once and for all, this plan can really work. It’s simple and possible with easy steps. That’s why thousands of people across the world are able to reverse their diabetes sitting at home. So let’s see how to cure diabetes permanently. 

  • Intermittent Fasting
    The first step is intermittent fasting, i.e. 16 hours fasting. We have always been told we should eat every 2 hours, eat something or the other throughout the day. But if you want to get freedom from diabetes, it can’t take place without fasting. 
      • Intermittent fasting is exceptionally gradual, safe and easy for diabetes. 
      • If you eat dinner at 7 pm, then do not eat till 11 am the next day. At 11 am, you can have the first solid meal of the day. 
      • So, basically, you will be fasting for 16 hours a day and eating within an 8-hour window.
      • Before 11 am, you can consume liquids such as water and vegetable juice, but fruit juice, tea, coffee, milk should not be consumed at all. 
      • For reversing diabetes, the best thing to have in the morning is ash gourd juice with bael Patra. 
      • Fasting is more potent than any medicine in the world. It takes time to adjust to fasting in the beginning but soon, all problems fade away, and you truly start enjoying it. 
  • Diet Plan
    To reverse diabetes, your food must have four qualities. 
    • Eat fresh food such as vegetables, fruits, sprouts, grains. Don’t take packaged, bottled and boxed foods; these are processed and are rich in carbohydrates. 
    • Eat whole grains. Eat brown rice instead of white rice and wheat with bran. Avoid sooji, white sugar and maida because these are refined foods. 
    • Take plant-based foods. Eat all the natural vegetables and fruits and avoid non-veg foods. 
    • Take water-rich food. This means we should eat as much juicy food as possible such as cucumber, gourd, etc. 
  • Take 4 Meals In A Day
    • These include morning detox juice, breakfast, lunch and dinner. 
    • Take morning detox juice before your breakfast at around 8 am. You can have any fresh vegetable juice. Just remember, you don’t have to take sweet fruit juices. 
    • Don’t eat anything for 2 hours after drinking your morning detox juice. 
    • For breakfast around 10 am, you can eat a plate full of seasonal fruits such as papaya, apple, pear, berry, cherry, strawberry, sweet potato and guava. The best practice is to eat one fruit at a time. Always eat seasonal and regional fruits. 
    • For lunch, take fresh vegetables and don’t forget to include a salad in your diet. 
    • Take light and nutritious meals at dinnertime.
  • Exercise
    • Exercise is essential for reversing diabetes. 
    • You can do whatever you like – brisk walking, jogging, cycling and dancing. 
    • Do it at least for half an hour a day, and you should sweat after working out. 


As soon as you start following this routine, your diabetes will start reversing out. It takes a month to normalize your blood sugar levels and to remove the root cause of the problem. It will take a minimum of 3 months. It’s possible that some may take less time, and some of you may take more time in reversing diabetes. Your curing time will depend on how long you have been suffering from the disease and at which stage you are. 

Also, you may experience cold, fever, vomiting, diarrhoea or cough during the healing process. Clinical depression can also be seen in diabetic patients during the process. But what’s most important is your willpower to remove diabetes from your life permanently. 


Once you start following a planned lifestyle to get freedom from diabetes, your sugar levels will go back to normal soon, and there won’t be any need to take medicine after that. The work that these medicines were doing artificially is accomplished naturally by your foods and lifestyle. As your sugar levels keep going down, you can start lowering the doses of your medications. Don’t give them up all of a sudden. We suggest you consult with your medicinal doctor before adjusting your dosage and following a diet for your sugar problems.

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