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Ensure Diabetes care is a product specially curated for diabetic patients. It is made to control the blood sugar level of diabetic patients. It is considered a food supplement and is recommended to many patients. This food supplement is enriched with necessary components that a body needs to work properly. Diabetes not only affects blood sugar levels but if not taken well care of, can affect other functions of the body as well. It is known as one of the most dangerous diseases. On average, there are 7particularly3 million cases of diabetes in India, out of which people of 50+ years of age have a higher risk of diabetes. The main issue with diabetes is not that it’s chronic, but the symptoms and condition get worse with time. Another issue with diabetes is that it triggers many other severe health issues that also become tough to cure. Hence, it is very necessary to control the symptoms and the condition to help the patient lead a healthy life. So, it becomes very important to keep good care of the body and supply all the necessary components to it.

Ensure Diabetes Care is one such supplement that ensures a healthy life for diabetic patients. It claims to have everything that a diabetic person needs. Experts claim it can help the patient in numerous ways. So, here is the full information about this health supplement and how it helps a diabetic patient.


This diabetic protein powder is curated to fulfill the nutrient requirements of a diabetic person. It also helps other elderly to fulfill their dietary requirements. The composition of this powder includes the following ingredients –

  • Maltodextrin
  • Calcium Caseinate
  • Edible Vegetable Oils (High Oleic Sunflower Oil, Soy Oil)
  • Fructose, Cocoa Powder
  • Minerals
  • Fructooligosaccharide (FOS)
  • Soy Polysaccharide
  • Flavoring
  • M- Inositol
  • Vitamins
  •  Antioxidants (Soy Lecithin, Mixed Tocopherols) Taurine
  • L-Carnitine
  • Sucralose.

A great thing about ensuring health powder is that the nutritional information is easily available everywhere and that shows the transparency of the brand.


The company claims the powder provides complete health supplements to diabetic patients. It ensures the consumers to be carefree about the nutrient necessity of their bodies. Here are the following things that the brand claims about the powder-

  • Eliminates Weakness – The body gets energy through cells. When the sugar level is fluctuating, the cells could not pass the glucose in the form of energy and hence the patient can feel weak.  According to the brand, this Ensure health drink helps control the fluctuations of blood sugar levels. It helps to reduce the weakness due to fluctuations.
  • Fibers- Many studies have proven that diabetic patients must fulfill their fiber requirements. Soluble fibers can decrease the rate of sugar absorption and hence help in maintaining sugar levels. Ensure protein powder has fiber in abundance that helps the patient with fiber requirements and regulates the blood sugar levels. Fiber also helps in a smooth digestive system.
  • Protein Supplement – Protein does not raise blood sugar levels as much as carbohydrates and fats. It also ensures a healthy muscle mass and hence is required by a diabetic patient. Ensure diabetes care has a good quality of protein that helps in building muscle mass.
  • Helps in utilizing nutrients –  Ensure health drinks help in utilizing all the nutrients that the body gets from the food. Vitamin B in this powder helps the body to utilize the nutrients. It also keeps the hair, nails, and skin healthy.
  • Fights against free radicals – Free radicals are absorbed by the body that can damage the cells. Vitamin C is present in Ensure diabetic powder acts as an antioxidants that fight free radicals from the body.


Ensure powder benefits a diabetic patient in many ways. It regulates the overall functions of the body and provides necessary supplements to the person. Fluctuating insulin levels break off the proper functioning of the body that leads to many issues. The patient not only deals with diabetes but also has to experience many other discomforts. Ensure diabetes care works on the entire body to balance all activities of the body. This diabetic protein powder helps a diabetic person in the following ways – 

Controls Blood Sugar Levels – This health drink controls blood sugar levels. The complex carbohydrates present in this powder helps to regulate blood sugar levels. These carbohydrates take longer to break down and hence provide steady energy that lasts longer.

Helps in weight management – Managing a healthy weight is very necessary for diabetics. Obesity causes insulin resistance that can worsen the condition of the patient. Fibers present in this healthy powder helps to reduce fat percentage in the body and regulate insulin levels.

Heals wounds – Diabetic patients usually complain about their wounds not healing properly. Diabetes causes blood vessels to narrow down. Blood circulation is important for healing. When blood circulation slows down, it reduces the amount of oxygen as well. Due to this, the tissues take time to heal or do not heal at all. Oxygen also fights the infection by killing the bacteria present in the wound. Not having enough supply of oxygen causes the spread of the wound.

The high-quality protein contained in Ensure diabetes care is beneficial in muscle and tissue building. It can help the tissues to recover faster.

Provides Lasting energy – This health supplement has vitamin B6, vitamin B12, and folic acid that helps the body to absorb all the nutrients from the food. It ensures higher energy levels that are steady and last for a longer period. Due to the fluctuations in insulin levels, the body becomes unavailable to get glucose and hence the person often feels fatigued. Absorption of all types of nutrients helps the energy levels to become steady.

Boosts immunity – A supplement rich in all types of required nutrients allows the body to stay in good health and boosts immunity levels. It helps the body to function properly as well.


Ensure diabetic powder is available easily in both online and offline markets. Its popularity has made it available in the smaller local drugstores as well.

The price of this powder is INR 690 for a 400 gms jar. A jar of 400 gm is sufficient to last up to a month or more depending on the amount prescribed by the doctors. Compared to other supplements and the benefits provided by the powder, it is a cost-effective solution for daily nutritional requirements. It is also available in two universal flavors, chocolate and vanilla to suit everyone’s preference.


It is very easy to include this protein powder in your daily diet. Their official website suggests well stirred 6 scoops of the powder in 200 ml of water once a day. The doses can be altered if suggested by the doctor. It is better to consult the doctor about doses as a doctor can suggest you correct the quantity according to your age, condition, and needs.


  • You can take it as an alternative to breakfast. It is very vital for a diabetic person to have a healthy and filling breakfast. This protein drink provides the necessary components and is a great breakfast supplement.
  • It can also be taken before lunchtime. It will help to minimize the lunch portion without compromising on the body requirements. It also helps in weight loss if taken prior to lunch.
  • Diabetic patients are advised to keep themselves full for the entire day. Evening time is the time when a person is most tempted to junk food and ends up eating unhealthy snacks. Including it as an evening snack will keep those snack cravings fulfilled and will supply healthy nutrients to the body.
  • It can also be taken as a prior-to-dinner supplement. It works as a partial dinner substitute and helps you to prevent overeating. It keeps you full for the entire night and controls insulin fluctuations at night time.
  • 40% of diabetic patients experience a low blood sugar level at midnight. Most of the cases are unrecognized but leave severe effects on the body. Taking ensure diabetes care will help to regulate blood sugar levels and prevent you from such events.


Diabetes is a lifestyle disorder and often triggers due to poor lifestyles. Keeping healthy habits can help you improve the condition and prevent any severe symptoms. Here are some steps you can follow to live a healthier life even after being diabetic-

  1. Eat smaller portion sizes but do not keep yourself starving. Taking smaller sizes will secrete less insulin that will help in regulating its level.
  2. Keep yourself physically active. Perform any type of exercise for at least half an hour. You can choose from sports, Zumba, dancing, gym, yoga, or anything that matches your interest. A simple brisk walk can also help to keep you fit.
  3. Eat healthily and include fibers in your diet. Fibers are very crucial for the body and are often ignored. Include salads and vegetables on your plate.
  4. Quit smoking and minimize alcohol consumption. They can damage your body further and a diabetic body is not able to overcome those damages.
  5. Live a stress-free life. Stress makes any disease worse and can also affect the symptoms of diabetes. So do not stress out on anything and try to be as calm as possible.


“I have started giving this protein powder to my dad. He used to have difficulty walking and doing the usual stuff. As he was diabetic, we could not provide them with any other health supplement. This powder was recommended by my aunt and it has shown results. My father has been taking this powder for 3 months and now he is able to walk. He goes on morning walks with his friends daily without any pain or difficulty.  This powder has become his daily need now. Due to its flavors, he really enjoys having it.”

“The powder is great and both the flavors are tasty. I use it as a supplement. This powder has improved my digestion. I started taking it after my doctor suggested it for fatigue. Earlier I used to feel lazy and tired but now I feel active. The packaging of the powder is great. It comes with a jar including 2 aluminum packets of the powder. It makes it easier to store.”

“After I was diagnosed with diabetes, I started feeling low and dull. I often felt weak. My doctor told me to take care of my diet and include this powder in breakfast. I have been using it for 3 weeks and it has started showing results. I am feeling much better. I feel stronger and physically active now. I am also able to do exercise now.”

“My grandmother has been using this product for the last 2 years and she loves it. She can’t go a single day without this powder. She says she feels energized. It also helps her in motion and their digestive issues. She is 63 years old and very active with her work. She was diagnosed with diabetes 3 years ago and after a year the doctor suggested this powder as a supplement. She takes it at night before sleeping. “

“I purchased this powder for my parents. Both love it. Although both love the different flavors. This powder is great for elderly nutrient supplements. It takes care of their nutritional requirements. My parents are not diabetic but use this powder as it has everything a body needs to function properly. It is also sugar-free so it is better for health as well. They use 4 scoops in 150 ml of water every day and it works well for both of them. They have used a few alternatives earlier but did not like anything like this powder. It is cost-effective as well.”


Can a diabetic person use this?

Yes, this powder is made for diabetic patients only. Although it can be used by anyone, it especially focuses on the issues related to diabetes. It provides overall nutrition and helps in regulating insulin levels. It also keeps them energetic and treats digestive disorders.

What is the calorie count in one scoop?

6 scoops of this powder contain 226k calories which is the suggested dose of the powder. It contains around 38 calories in one scoop.

How can this powder help me with diabetes?

This powder fulfills the daily nutrient requirements. Other than that, it helps to keep insulin levels in control. It helps with a better blood flow and healing of wounds.

Does this powder help in keeping insulin in check?

Yes, prolonged use of this powder will help you control insulin fluctuations. It takes time to show results but it surely starts regulating the insulin levels after some time.

Should I stop taking medicine after using this powder?

No, this powder only works as a nutrient supplement. It can be used with any diabetic medicine but does not work as an alternative to the medicine. It only helps the body with nutritional requirements.

Does this powder help in treating wounds?

Yes, it helps the body to heal wounds by providing the necessary oxygen supply. The tissues need oxygen to get repaired and due to narrow blood vessels, the oxygen supply is reduced. Ensure diabetic care helps in regulating blood circulation and hence can repair wounds sooner.

It is a vegetarian product?

Yes, it is a purely vegetarian product

Where can I get a discount on the powder?

You can get a discount on most of the major e-commerce websites for medical requirements.

What is the difference between the two flavors of the powder?

Both flavors have equal nutritional components. The only difference is the flavoring component used. They both work the same on the body.

For how long should I use this powder?

This powder is a health supplement and can be used for a lifetime. There is no specific course duration of this powder. To see visible results, it is necessary to continue the usage for at least a month.


Diabetes comes with many other issues and one of them being the deficiency of essential nutrients. Ensure diabetes care provides all those necessary components to the body to help it function properly. It also takes care of other symptoms that have occurred due to diabetes and hence becomes a necessity for diabetic patients. It contains protein, fiber, vitamin B6, vitamin B12, and folic acid to regulate blood circulation and utilize the food nutrients properly. It also helps in healing wounds and keeping digestion healthy.

It is a very cost-effective product that is available in two flavors to suit everyone’s preference. It is easy to take and does not show any major side effects. This powder has been loved by its consumers and everyone should give it a try. It is also great for non-diabetic people looking for a good nutritional supplement to add to their diet. It works great for adults and can be taken as a complete or partial substitute for any meal.

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