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The human body is made up of several components and to work properly, it needs certain elements. Vitamins are one such element that is absolutely needed by the body to work properly. They perform multiple functions and help the body to sustain even in unwanted conditions. 

But, having a well-balanced diet every time is next to impossible in today’s fast-paced generation and so every person lacks some of the other crucial nutrients in the body. Including vitamins. The deficiency of vitamins can cause disorders in the body that can also lead to chronic conditions. However, many supplements are available in the market that can complete the deficiency of these vitamins.

Becosules Is one such multivitamin that helps the body to have sufficient vitamins. It contains Vitamin B12, B1, B2, B6, B3, Folic acid, and vitamin c and hence is a multivitamin B complex. Doctors often advise patients with vitamin B deficiency, which is totally logical, but many doctors advise it to their diabetic patients. Here is the guide for diabetic patients to understand the importance of Becosules to improve their condition and fight the symptoms of diabetes.


Vitamines support numerous functions such as the immunity system, digestive system, and many others. Vitamins also add beauty to one’s appearance as a well nutritious body is a healthy body and only a healthy body can possess a healthy appearance.

Many types of vitamins available are needed by the body. These vitamins are Vitamin A, Vitamin C, Vitamin D, Vitamin E, Vitamin K, Vitamin B1 (Thiamine), Vitamin B2 (Riboflavin), Vitamin B3 (Niacin), Vitamin 5 (Pantothenic acid), Vitamin 6, Vitamin 7 (Biotin), Vitamin 12 (cyanocobalamin), and  Vitamin Folate (B9 and folic acid).

Every type of vitamin has different importance in the body. They help in maintaining the human body in different ways and are equally important for the body.

These VItamins are usually available in the daily edibles. Someone who always has a well-balanced diet has sufficient amounts of these vitamins to run the body.

Every vitamin is important for the body in the required amount and so is vitamin B. here are some benefits that vitamin B has-

  • Cell Health – Vitamin B helps to convert food into energy. Hence is it very important in cell formation as it helps the body to break down the protein and make new proteins.
  • Red Blood cells growth – Vitamin B also helps in the growth of red blood cells. Vitamin B12 helps the red blood cells to multiply.
  • Energy Levels – As it helps the food to convert into energy, it maintains a constant energy level in the body.
  • Vision – It helps in improving vision by reducing oxidative stress from the body as well as the eyes. Vitamin B2 is responsible for improving eyesight.
  • Improves brain function – All types of vitamin B helps in preventing dementia that promotes the production of neurotransmitters. These are the components that help the brian t transfer signals. 
  • Improves digestion – Biotin or vitamin B7 helps to process fats and carbs. Vitamin B6 Helps the system with the protein eaten. The overall digestion is improved by Becosule capsules.
  • Nerve Function – Vitamin B1, B6, and B12 help in maintaining the nervous system and keep them healthy.


Becosule is a multivitamin and hence has many ingredients. It includes the above-mentioned vitamins. The proportion of these vitamins is –  

  • Calcium Pantothenate – 50 Mg, 
  • Vitamin B12 – 15 Mcg, 
  • Folic Acid – 1.5 Mg,
  • Thiamine Mononitrate – 10 Mg, 
  • Riboflavin – 10 Mg, 
  • Pyridoxine Hydrochloride – 3 Mg, 
  • Niacinamide – 100 Mg, 
  • Ascorbic Acid – 150 Mg, 
  • Biotin 100 – Mc 

The Bicosule has a perfect proportion of all the vitamins in such an amount that the body will get enough vitamins of each type without an excess. Being multivitamin, it becomes easy for the patient to get Every type of vitamin B in one go.


The Becosule capsules are prescribed for the following conditions-

  • Tissue repairing – Tissues can get torn due to any injury. Tissues need to get repaired as if left unrepaired, it can lead to death. Vitamin C present in Becosule z capsules helps in collagen production that prompts the repairing of tissues. Other than that vitamin B helps in improving carbohydrates and amino acids that further helps in collagen production.
  • Synthesis of Lipids – Lipids are those compounds of the body that are insoluble in water. The synthesizing of lipids is important to achieve the metabolic needs of the body. Vitamin B12, Vitamin C, and folic acid help in the lipid synthesis process. 
  • Healthy Blood Vessels – VItamin B is the most crucial vitamin for the health of blood vessels. They provide strength to the vessels. It fights infection and reduces inflammation. It also improves blood circulation and helps in controlling cholesterol levels.
  • Sore Tongue – Sore tongue can cause pain and irritation. It can also affect taste buds and can cause bumps or injury by a minor bite. A sore tongue is a symptom of vitamin B12 and hence Becosule capsules can help to treat that.
  • Mouth Ulcers- The symptoms of mouth ulcers include sores in the tongue, lips, gums, and roof of the mouth. It can also be a symptom of deficiency of vitamin B12 and hence, by Becosule capsule uses, that can be treated.
  • Megaloblastic anemia is a disease where unusually large red blood cells are formed by the bone marrow. It happens due to deficiency of vitamin B and hence Becosule z can be helpful in that. 

Other than these, there are other uses of vitamin B as well that can be achieved with Bicosule capsules uses– 

  • Collagen production led by Becosule keeps nails, hair, and skin in good condition.
  • Helps in removing free radicals.
  • Fights against various issues occurred due to deficiency of vitamin C
  • Helps to use stored carbohydrates.
  • Improves brain functions
  • Promotes healthy cells
  • Improves vision
  • Improves digestion
  • Benefits in Cardiovascular health


Diabetic patients are advised to take Becosule or other B complex multivitamins as it is common in this condition to get deficiency of Vitamin B1, Vitamin B2, VItamin B6, and Vitamin B12. All these deficiencies are led by the problems that occur in the kidney, intestine, nerves, and stomach. Even if the patient is taking sufficient vitamin B-rich edibles, the body is either unable to absorb these vitamins completely, or they are excreted by the kidney. And due to these reasons, it becomes necessary for a diabetic patient to take Becosule capsules. Regular Becosule capsules provide a sufficient amount of vitamins that fulfill the daily requirement and help with the proper functioning of several organs of the body.

Becosule capsule has all the necessary vitamin B types and can deal with the deficiency due to any reason. diabetes triggers many organs to not work properly and hence it is crucial to provide the necessary supplements to keep the body’s functions smooth. Becosule can be a great substitute for vitamins for a diabetic patient.


There are many home remedies available that can help in fighting diabetes. These remedies can help in removing the severe symptoms of diabetes. These medicines are to be used under medical surveillance with the advised medicines. These can help improve the composition but do not offer a cure. 

Here are some remedies for diabetes-

  • Apple Cider Vinegar – ACV has multiple health benefits. Taking 1-2spoonfull of ACV can help to deal with morning sugar levels during the fasting period. Taking ACV with meals reduces the load of carbohydrate-rich meals. It can also be taken as a salad dressing.
  • Fibers – Fibers help in reducing blood sugar. Fibers can be taken through any supplement. They also help in digestive disorders. Salads are also a rich source of fibers. Barley is a great grain for type-2 diabetes patients. It improves blood sugar levels, reduces inflammation, and controls cholesterol levels.
  • Brewer’s Yeast – It is high in chromium. It helps in improving the metabolism of glucose. Chromium also helps in low blood sugar levels. Chromium can be problematic for kidney patients.
  • Zinc – Zinc deficiency is very common in diabetes patients. Adding zinc supplements can help to reduce blood sugar levels. Overdose of zinc can cause some health issues including problems in absorbing copper so take it after consulting an expert.
  • Aloe vera – Aloe vera is one such commonly found medicinal plant that has countless benefits. Aloe Vera helps in insulin secretion and helps the patient to deal with diabetes.
  • Berberine – It also reduces blood sugar levels and helps the patient to fight diabetes.
  • Cinnamon – Cinnamon helps in reducing both blood sugar levels and cholesterol levels. Other than that, it also has some therapeutic properties as well.
  • Fenugreek – Diabetes can promote a rise in cholesterol levels. Using fenugreek reduces the chances of high cholesterol and prevents the patients from additional problems.
  • Gymnema – It helps in improving glucose metabolism. It is necessary to keep blood sugar levels in check while using Gymnema.
  • Nopal – It belongs to Mexican cuisine. It is a type of cactus and reduces blood sugar levels.

Other than these dietary remedies, you can opt for a healthier lifestyle to reduce the risk of severe conditions of diabetes. These lifestyle changes are following –

  • Eating Habit – Keep in check your eating habits and change them according to the condition. Blood sugar levels are entirely affected by the food you eat and hence it is very necessary to watch whatever you eat.
  • Diet Rich in Nutrient – A diet rich in nutrients will help you in preventing any other issue that can be caused due to diabetes. It also helps in dealing with diabetic symptoms and lives a healthier life.
  • Exercise – Exercise brings down blood sugar levels. Keeping the body active for at least 30 minutes a day is very important for a diabetic patient. It also keeps other organs of the body healthy as well.
  • Stress – Stress can play with your blood sugar levels. Too much stress can worsen the condition so try to be stress-free and avoid hypertension.
  • Quit Smoking – Diabetes can promote many health issues and smoking can worsen the condition. Smoking is not at all good for a diabetic patient.
  • Alcohol – COnsuming larger amounts of alcohol too often can increase blood sugar levels frequently. Even when you are drinking, some drinks can affect you more than others. Try to have a drink low in carbs and sugar.
  • Lose weight – If you are obese or have more than the ideal BMI, it can reduce the risks of developing the symptoms and other body disorders due to diabetes.
  • Portion Sizes – Small portions help in calorie intake and also with maintaining healthy sugar levels. Eat smaller portions frequently.
  • Avoid fasting – Not eating anything for too long can also imbalance sugar levels. So keep the tummy filled. Eat frequently but keep the portion size small.


Becosule capsules are commonly used by people dealing with the deficiency of vitamin B and hence it makes it easily available in the market. It is easily available in any local allopathy drugstore and also in online markets.

The price of Becosule for a strip of 20 capsules is INR 45.67. The price of the medicine is similar to other alternatives but the advantage is it provides almost all types of Vitamin B that are required and with that, it also has vitamin C. It makes this medicine better than the substitutes available in the market.


The normal dosage of the capsules is 1 capsule daily or as directed by a physician. It can take a full or empty stomach. Food doesn’t affect its effectiveness. To use the capsule in maximum efficiency, it is great to schedule a fixed time of intake.


Being an allopathy medicine, Bicosule capsules can come with some acute side effects. These side effects include-

  • Headache
  • Diarrhea
  • Skin Rashes
  • Skin irritation
  • Chest pain
  • Abnormal urination
  • Weakness
  • Dizziness
  • Lost muscle strength
  • Cramps

In case of any of the side effects, consult your doctor and stop the usage immediately.


  • Keep away from the reach of children. In case of any accidental intake, consult a doctor immediately.
  • Pregnant women and breastfeeding mothers should consult doctors before starting the usage.
  • Do not overdose on the medicine. An overdose of vitamin B or C can trigger the above-mentioned symptoms.
  • In case of any side effects, stop the usage and consult a physician immediately.


“Becosule capsules were advised by my doctor after I got diagnosed with diabetes. The doctor told me I will help him cope with the deficiency that I can get due to diabetes. Right now, I am facing no issue that a deficiency could lead so I think it is working properly.”

“I started having these capsules because it was problematic for me to heal wounds. The doctors said it can be due to a deficiency of Vitamin B and suggested me Bicosule capsules. The capsules have helped me to heal wounds. The doctor suggested continuing the usage to avoid such problems in the future.”

“My hair was falling uncontrollably. I read on the internet that it could be the reason for the deficiency of vitamin B. I searched for a supplement and found many people were liking these capsules. I started using these capsules and after a month of regular use, my hair fall is reduced. I am continuing these capsules till my hair fall is under control.”

“Vitamin B deficiency was causing me skin and hair issues. My friend suggested Becosule and it has started working after 3 weeks of use. The capsules did not show any side effects to me.”

“I started using Becosule after being advised by doctors but I started having headaches after every use. My doctor said it is a common side effect and gave me an alternative. Luckily those suited me and I did not get any side effects from those.”

“I used this capsule for hair health but it did not work at all. I can not see any signs of improvement.”

“The capsule is a great source of vitamin B and vitamin C. I started feeling better after using it. My digestion became better as well.”


How does it help in diabetes?

It deals with the deficiency that has occurred due to the improper functioning of body organs. This deficient second leads to many other issues and it is important to provide some vitamin b supplements to the body in case of diabetes.

Which vitamin B is included in Becosule?

The Becosule is a multivitamin capsule that contains vitamin B1, vitamin B2, vitamin B3, vitamin B6, vitamin 12, folic acid, and vitamin c. All these vitamins are a crucial part of the human body.

I started having skin rashes after its intake. Should I continue to use it?

No, skin rashes are one of the possible side effects of the medicine. Stop using the capsule and ask your doctor for a safer alternative.

Can it treat sore tongue?

The sore tongue can be caused due to the deficiency of vitamin B. The Becosule can fulfill this deficiency and that can cure the sore tongue. In case of severe symptoms, consult an expert.

Is it helpful in treating wounds?

If you are diabetic, the deficiency of vitamin C can trigger a non-healing wound. This condition can be treated by providing a sufficient amount of vitamin B and Vitamin C. Becosule contains both of these vitamins and hence can help a diabetic patient to treat the wound.

Is it good for the skin?

Vitamin C improves collagen production, which is crucial for healthy skin and hence Becosule can improve skin condition.

Is it good for hair?

Yes, Becosule is great for hair health. It fights with damaged and frizzy hairs and strengthens the hair strands. It also reduces hair fall.

What are the doses of Bicoules?

You can take 1 capsule daily before, after meals or as advised by the doctor.

I am not diabetic. Can I use Becosule for Vitamin B deficiency?

Yes, if you have a deficiency of vitamin B due to any reason, you can use Becosule capsules. These capsules help in fighting the symptoms that occurred by deficiency of vitamin B and fulfill the necessary requirement of the vitamin.

Can I use Becosule syrup instead of the capsule?

Yes, Becosule syrup works the same as the Becosule capsule. They have the same ingredients with the same proportion. The two variants are made only for patients’ ease of intake and choosing any of them is completely up to your liking.


Diabetes comes with a lot of hazards to the body. It affects almost every function. In this condition, it is important to provide necessary nutrients to the body. Becosule complex can help you improve the conditions of the organs by fulfilling the deficiency of Vitamin B. It can help you treat wounds and sore tongues. It also helps in the proper functioning of blood vessels. It can also improve cardiovascular functions and cholesterol levels. Having a vitamin B supplement is very crucial for diabetic patients and hence Becosule can help a lot to fight the symptoms of deficiency. 

Becosule can be added as a dietary requirement and should be taken in a fixed time. A fixed time will help the body to use the components of this tablet to their maximum efficiency. There are a few side effects of the tablet and in case of any of the side effects, a doctor’s consultation should be sought immediately. 

With all these medicines and supplements, it is very important to keep in check the dietary and lifestyle habits. Diabetes is a lifestyle issue that is majorly affected by diet and lack of physical activity. To keep the body healthy and other issues that might occur due to diabetes, changing poor lifestyle and diet habits is very necessary. It is also important to intake every crucial nutrient required by the body. Diabetes can only be controlled by many tiny steps toward a healthy life.

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