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In the present scenario, eight out of ten people in India are found to have high glucose or sugar levels in their blood. The increased blood sugar level is the leading cause of Type-2 Diabetes. Diabetic patients are often asked to take fewer carbohydrates and avoid fatty foods. But do you know Amul ghee can actually control your blood sugar level? Surprised? It’s true. Research has proved the benefits of using pure cow ghee for diabetics. 

Hence, here in this article, we will tell you how Amul pure ghee can help control the sugar level in your blood. After that, you may decide whether you should give it a try or not. So, without any further delay, let’s get started. 


The high sugar level in the blood results in Type-2 diabetes. Type-2 diabetes is a condition when blood sugar levels keep rising due to insulin resistance. When someone gets Type-2 diabetes, glucose or sugar builds up in the blood, but the cells are unable to absorb that glucose. Thus, the body doesn’t get the energy it needs. 

When we eat food, especially carbohydrates, it gets broken down into glucose. Then, the pancreas releases insulin that helps turn the glucose into energy necessary for the body to function. If we have enough energy at that moment, then insulin will allow us to store the excess glucose in the body, especially around the waist. 

Abdominal fat is one of the main symptoms of Type-2 diabetes because cells are not absorbing the glucose, and it keeps getting stored in the abdomen. It is also one of the primary causes of insulin resistance. If a person has too much abdominal fat, their pancreas has a hard time releasing insulin, and they develop insulin resistance. 


There are many harmful effects of increased blood sugar on our body health. Some of them are mentioned below:

  • High blood sugar might lead to severe health conditions, ranging from stroke and nerve problems to heart or kidney failure and even death. 
  • High sugar levels endanger the entire body, especially the heart, eyes, and feet. People with diabetes are more prone to heart attacks. 
  • Diabetes is a complex process that also includes hormonal disbalance and other problems. 
  • You get tired quickly, and the chances of developing high blood pressure increase. 


Before heading to the article’s main focus, first, let us see what the average price of the ghee is. Amul cow ghee is available easily in the market. You can buy it from a store or mart, or you can just order it online from any e-commerce website. The average cost of the ghee is ₹265 for a 500 ml (or 452 g) pack. Looking at its immense benefits, Amul ghee price is not too high. This product from a trusted brand Amul won’t affect your pocket much. 


People with diabetes are asked to make their dietary choices very wisely since their diet can affect blood sugar levels. For example, healthy cooking oils that generally promise health are doing more harm than good. So what is the better option? It’s pure ghee. Ghee has long been recommended by doctors as a medicinal ingredient that has essential nutrients to keep diabetic patients healthy. 

Now let’s understand how eating ghee is healthy for diabetics. 

  • Although ghee produces a good amount of healthy fat, its health benefits are immense. It contains short-chain fatty acids or butyric acid to help metabolise and balance high blood glucose levels. 
  • Desi ghee or clarified butter may be a source of healthy fat, which helps absorb nutrients from the foods you are eating. This process helps regulate the extent of blood glucose, further ensuring diabetes control. 
  • Consumption of ghee improves the functioning of the intestinal hormones. Thus, there is a better secretion of insulin by pancreatic glands, which, in turn, helps control diabetes. 
  • It expands the dietary choices for diabetes patients. For instance, if ghee is added to rice, it becomes more accessible for people with diabetes to digest rice sugar effectively. So, with ghee, diabetic people can eat foods such as rice too. 
  • Ghee contains conjugated linoleic acid that helps reduce the chances of various cardiovascular diseases that are commonly found to occur in diabetic patients. The use of cow ghee can really help reduce harmful cholesterol levels. 
  • Adding ghee to carbohydrate-rich foods with a high glycemic index, such as rice, white bread, parathas etc., can actually help lower your glycemic index, and therefore, slows down the release of sugar in the bloodstream. 
  • One of the ghee benefits is that on proper and regular consumption, it melts the fat deposits accumulated in the body. In this way, it helps to control diabetes efficiently. 
  • Since ghee is a fantastic antioxidant, it is effective in neutralising and fighting prediabetes, and thereby, it also reduces the risk of cancer. 
  • Ghee is understood to manage the correct functioning of the gastrointestinal systems. Including the proper amount of ghee in the daily diet will ensure proper control of constipation in diabetic patients.
  • Researchers also state that ghee is a rich source of Vitamin K and antioxidants that help to strengthen the immune system of diabetic people. 


Besides its role in treating diabetes, ghee is found to have other great benefits too. Some of them are given below.

  • Pure ghee or clarified butter is high in polyunsaturated Omega 3 fatty acids. Therefore, it is safer for the heart than any other refined oil. 
  • In this fast life where we don’t have much time to take care of ourselves, taking 1 spoon of ghee daily keeps you fit and strong. It makes you energetic and active, always ready to face problems. 
  • It improves your gastrointestinal tract and maintains the health of your digestive system. Ghee helps in better digestion of food, thus, preventing the issues of acidity. 
  • Ghee contains Vitamin D, which strengthens your bones and teeth as well as stimulates muscle movements. It acts as a lubricant for your body. 
  • Taking pure ghee increases your internal energy and strengthens your sense organs such as eyes, nose, and ears. There is much evidence present proving the benefit of using ghee for your eye health. 
  • Most interestingly, ghee nourishes your skin and improves your complexion. It can be used as a natural moisturiser, and you finally get that glowing skin you always wanted. 


There are various ways in which you can add pure ghee to your diet. We are giving you some of the options; you can choose from them as per your wish. 

  • The easiest way to include ghee in your food is to cook meals in it. Instead of using oils, start using purified ghee for cooking your meals. 
  • Another simple way to use it is by adding a full teaspoon of ghee to your curries, rotis, pulses, etc. 
  • You may even make ladoos using ghee and have it once a day. 
  • The modern way of using ghee, which most people follow these days, is by adding a teaspoon of ghee to your favorite coffee, pasta or burger. But remember this is not a very healthy way and we would not recommend you go for this option. 

Now let’s see what amount of ghee you should consume in a day. 

  • Take two to three teaspoons of ghee per day as a part of your diet, in addition to the regular oil used for cooking. 
  • You can consume a little more in winters, whereas in summers, you can have a little less. 


Although there is an array of benefits of including ghee in your diet, some points must always be considered while consuming it. They are as under:

  • Do not take an overdose of ghee and make it a key to not eating anything unhealthy when you are a diabetic patient. 
  • Too much ghee can be converted into fat in the body, and you may end up gaining weight. 
  • Consult your diabetologist before even consuming a spoonful of cow ghee to reap its benefits for diabetes. 
  • Always check the expiry date of the label if you are buying packed ghee. 


Although diabetes is a widespread disorder, we can still prevent it by taking some preventive measures. We have listed some of them for you. 

  • As a dietary disease, Type-2 diabetes can be slowly managed by a healthy and nutritious diet containing less carbohydrate and more vitamins. 
  • Eating a diet containing a high amount of vegetables, fruits, berries, whole grains, and protein is the best first step to a healthier lifestyle, thereby preventing diabetes. 
  • Cooking meals at home using fresh ingredients instead of ordering take out is the essential step in managing carbohydrate intake.
  • Eliminate the obvious culprits such as soda, sweets, sweet cereal and similar products containing very little nutritional value and a very high amount of added sugars. 
  • Try to avoid preparing meals in cooking oils and use pure ghee instead. In case you are still using cooking oils, just reduce its amount and use ghee wherever possible. 
  • Avoid taking bread and rice and other baked and fried items, which are not going to improve your health in any way. 
  • Don’t forget to do regular exercises, yoga and meditation for healthy well being. If possible, go for a walk every morning. 


We have some reviews from the customers who have used Amul ghee before. Let’s see what they say about their experiences and the product. 

  • Amul cow ghee is a genuine product. I have purchased it from local vendors and other e-commerce sites, and they maintained my trust. There are many fake and adulterated ghee products present in the market, and one cannot predict whether it’s genuine or not. But this ghee is 100% real, tasty and healthy. It is really worth buying! 
  • This cow ghee from Amul has a yummy taste. I use Amul cow ghee regularly, and it’s so healthy and tasty. It is golden in colour and has a granular texture. The aroma is a little wanting, but I would still prefer a genuine product from such a great company, even if the scent and flavour are a little less. 
  • I have been suffering from diabetes for two years, and I was not able to control it. Initially, I was using oils for cooking my meal, and I had to take so many precautions. But then my doctor suggested using pure ghee instead of refined oils. Then I started adding Amul cow ghee in my food, and it has been six months. I can now eat rotis and rice easily just by adding a spoon of ghee to it. I checked my blood sugar level a few days back, and it’s now under much control. So, all the diabetics just go for it; it’s totally safe to use. 


How is pure ghee beneficial in treating diabetes?

Ghee is the magic bullet for diabetic patients. The addition of ghee to any food reduces its glycemic index and improves the body's insulin sensitivity. Thus, it helps in controlling the increased blood sugar level in the body. It is also a source of healthy fat and reduces harmful cholesterol levels.

What are the causes of Type-2 Diabetes?

Type-2 diabetes is mainly a dietary disease. It develops due to the excess amount of glucose that cannot be converted into energy and is stored as fat instead. The primary cause of diabetes is high carbohydrate intake. Our typical diet today contains enormous amounts of processed carbohydrates. From junk food to sugary drinks and sweets, carbs are convenient to access but bad for health.
Since processed foods are easily digested and tasty, we want to eat them more and go over our daily calorie budgets. What's more, many foods contain added hidden sugar that helps to improve the taste and prolong the shelf life of the food, increasing our blood sugar level.

What are the nutritional benefits of Amul ghee?

Nutritional information of the ghee as mentioned by the company in its pack is given below. Every 100 gram of ghee contains: Energy: 897 kcal Total Fat: 99.7 grams Protein: 0 gram Added Sugar: 0 gram Total Carbohydrate: 0 gram Vitamin A (Beta Carotene): 600 micrograms Thus, from the nutritional composition of the ghee, we can see that it is totally safe to use by people with diabetes.

Which is better: Amul cow ghee or Amul pure ghee?

Pure ghee is prepared from buffalo's milk and is higher in fat content. Cow ghee is usually considered with less cholesterol and is more digestible. Diabetic patients are recommended to go for cow ghee instead of buffalo ghee because buffalo ghee can increase weight if consumed for a long time.

How to store the ghee from the Amul brand?

You are required to store the ghee in a cool and dry place. Do not keep it in direct sunlight or heat; otherwise, it would melt to form an oily liquid. The maximum shell life of cow ghee from Amul is nine months. It won't expire quickly, and so you can store the ghee in your refrigerator and use it for many days.

Does the cow ghee result in fattening or gaining weight?

Not at all. Cow ghee contains Omega 3 fatty acids, which are healthy for your body. Instead of increasing weight, they melt the accumulated fat in your body, thus helping you get rid of your excess fat. However, if you over-consume the ghee, you may end up gaining weight. So, always add only the required amount of clarified butter to your meal.

Is there any substitute for Amul ghee?

Of course. Many brands have released their own ghee products. If you don't want to buy ghee from Amul, you have other options too. You can take Mother dairy ghee, Dabur 100% pure cow ghee, Aashirvaad pure cow ghee, Patanjali cow's ghee, and many more. All these are available at reasonable prices. If you don't want to go for packed ghee, you can also prepare it at home easily.


After seeing so many excellent benefits, we can finally say Amul ghee is absolutely worth trying if you want to control your blood sugar level. Even if you are not a diabetic person, you can still go for it. It helps in every way to keep you healthy. However, if you have diabetes, it’s better to consult your doctor before taking it.

 Also, remember that your blood glucose level is not going to be controlled just by adding ghee to your diet. You need to choose healthier foods and reduce the amount of carbohydrate intake. Don’t wait for your glucose level to go high. Start practising a healthy lifestyle from today itself because you know prevention is better than cure. 

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